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Quebec Rural University 2013 – Estrie
Programming Unveiling and Launch of the Registration Campaign


East Angus, February 12, 2013 – MobilisAction Estrie has unveiled the 2013 programming for the Quebec Rural University (URQ) in Estrie and announced the launch of the registration campaign for the program that will take place from September 9-13, 2013.


The overall themes of URQ 2013-Estrie is Crisis Control: Keys to Avoid Crises and Carryi on Safely. The big idea behind URQ 2013 is that the keys to crisis control are revealed through a study of eight major interdependent issues. Participants will discover how initiatives developed and put to work in Estrie have been used in avoiding or getting through a major crisis. The sub-themes are:

  • youth
  • natural rural resources
  • environment
  • mobilizing and involving local communities
  • mobilizing neighbouring communities and creating networks
  • attracting new residents
  • local entrepreneurship
  • culture and heritage.

The Programming

Participants will be welcomed on September 9th 2013 at the musical camp in Asbestos with a cocktail-style dinner. The next day, the 300 participants anticipated for the event will tour the Haut-Saint-François area, with an on-site exploration of initiatives such as the Cité-école at the Louis-Saint-Laurent high school. The day will end with a dinner and evening event inspired by the heritage and traditions of the area. On Wednesday, participants will be hosted by Des Sources MRC’s as they explore innovative projects such as “Fermettes du Rang 13”. At the end of the day, a cocktail dinner is planned, in trends of the village of Saint-Camille. On September 12th, the Granit MRC’s will play host to training activities and exciting initiatives such as the first International Dark Sky Reserve. The closing event will be held in Lac-Mégantic on that evening, with surprises in store. A breakfast will be provided on Friday morning with an activity to be announced shortly. The full program can be viewed on the event’s website at www.urq2013.ca (in French). For English information, call 1 819 560-8500 ext. 2141.

Registration Campaign

The preferential rate registration period extends until June 28th 2013. After that, the regular rate will be available until July 19th. For each one of the days of the program, participants must choose from one of the seven (7) itineraries offered. Each itinerary offers a limited number of spaces, and organizers invite participants to register as soon as possible. A new online registration site is now available. It’s simple and easy to use: www.urq2013.ca. This site is currently only available in French. For English registration form, call 1 819 560-8500 ext. 2141. During the event, simultaneous translation will be available on request.
The event is designed for elected officials, development agents, citizens involved in community development, students and university researchers, as well as any individual who would like to discover innovative and inspiring initiatives currently operating in a rural context.

Transportation and Accommodations

Participants are invited to reserve their lodgings in any one of the three (3) hosting MRCs. A shuttle service will be offer to get participants from their lodgings to the meeting site each day. As well, for each itinerary, a chartered vehicle will transport participants throughout the day. For English information, call 1 819 560-8500 ext. 2141. For French information, visit the site of the event: www.urq2013.ca.

A Unique Training Opportunity

This is the ninth edition of the URQ, first time in Estrie, offered by the MRCs of Granit, Haut-Saint-François and des Sources, a region not desserved by the UQ (Quebec universities). The URQ enables an exchange of knowledge and expertise on development practices in rural communities and territories. The program presents initiatives that are currently in operation in a rural setting, presented by their promoters and analyzed by university-level researchers. In keeping with the formula that has been put to the test in previous editions of the URQ, a cross-pollination of knowledge will be encouraged with periods of discussion between rural stakeholders (elected officials, development agents, citizens) as well as researchers and other participants. On-site visits are an integral part of the curriculum. Some of these will allow participants to deepen their understanding of various topics, some will provide the opportunity to discover accomplishments in the field, and others will enable participants to visit attractions in the area.

For more information:
Myrthô Ouellette
Coordinator, Quebec Rural University 2013- Estrie
MobilisAction Estrie
85, rue du Parc, Cooskhire (Québec) J0B 1M0
Tel.: 819 560-8400, ext. 2141
Email: urq2013@hsfqc.ca